We can safely say that Doug has over 4 times the experience than most of the DJs you will find out there! Where do we get that number? For one, Doug has thousands of events under his belt and he has no intention of slowing down! Doug has the skills, dedication and eagerness to rock your party! Not only is he a great DJ but he is a warm and personal guy too and he is always ready to lend a hand even if it is not his job. You can always hear Doug say ”I got it”! That means don’t worry things are under control when Doug is around!

You never know what to expect from Doug as he has many tricks under his sleeve! Doug has been working with Horizon Productions for over 15 years. With Doug at your party you can expect 4 times the experience, 4 times the reliability, 4 times the personality and that equals 4 times the fun! I guess that is the power of 4!