Photo Montage

Imagine your first baby steps, Your first birthday, Special moments spent with your family or even your first love.

Now, imagine sharing these moments with your family, friends and all your guests at your life event.


Imagine No More!


We will digitally edit photos supplied by you and set them to your choice of music. Then we will present the professionally edited Photo Montage on our big screen for you and all your guests to enjoy! If that’s not enough our photographer will take candid photos of you and all your guests which we will also show for the entire event on our screen. All images are yours to keep.


All packages include:
Your photos digitally edited, set to music and presented on our screen
DVD or Digital Copy of Photo Montage complete with custom case
Photographer who will take candid photos to be shown on our screen
Digital copies of all photos ( about 250-400) taken at the affair
Entire presentation mixed with special effects transitions and video animation

Funky Foto Favors

Our candid photographer will take pictures all night. We will then print them out and put them in a frame for the perfect favor for you and your guests. Costumes and/or props are available and of course you get copies of every image.